My record

  • As a hate crime project worker, I work across the city on initiatives to heal division in communities, combat the rise in hate crime, and train other organisations in this. I’m currently working with local groups and a St Ann’s school, on an anti-youth violence project tackling knife crime through investment in youth services.
  • I studied Law at the University of Nottingham, alongside being a care worker in Clifton. I felt privileged to facilitate elderly and disabled people living their lives, and to work with experienced colleagues without whom society could not function.
  • I’m on the national committee of Another Europe Is Possible and I co-founded Labour for a Socialist Europe.
  • I’m on the national committee of Labour Campaign for Free Movement, where I have campaigned alongside trade unions to end the hostile environment, and to defend and extend free movement.
  • I was part of the team behind Nottingham’s first anti-austerity campaign and Tony Benn’s rally against the Bedroom Tax in 2013. I joined the Labour Party to push from within for anti-cuts policies, because this is the only vehicle for working class people to achieve big-scale change.
  • I’ve volunteered for a child abuse charity on Mansfield Road since 2012, where I co-delivered training and worked with service users to improve practice in health, social care, and criminal justice, and to inform the establishment of East Midlands Children and Young People’s Sexual Assault Referral Centre.
  • I helped lead the campaign that won University of Nottingham to pay cleaners the living wage, from 7AM shifts engaging and organising cleaners, to making representations in meetings with management.
  • I helped organise IWGB Deliveroo riders, including our city’s first ever workers’ climate strike which linked up with youth strikers, and delivering meals to rough sleepers in the city centre. 
  • I’m a core member of Free Our Unions campaign to repeal all anti-union laws.