A basic annual salary for an MP is currently £81,932. This salary puts MPs in the top 5% of earners in the country. As has been highlighted recently, some MPs also have lucrative second jobs with private companies, earning hundreds of thousands of pounds on the side.

I was elected to represent you – not the wealthy elite or corporate interests. As a representative of working people, it’s important to me that my income is not vastly different to that of other workers. This is why I pledged to take a worker’s wage instead of my full MP’s salary.

I choose to take home £35,000 a year after tax. Any money I receive above that, I donate to local causes, whether that money is from my MP’s salary or from other sources (i.e. when I worked part-time as a careworker during the first wave of the pandemic). 

So far, my donations include:

– £468 to the Robin Hood Fund

– £8,000 to St Ann’s Advice Centre

– £7,000 to POW Nottingham

– £2,000 to the Nottingham branch of the App Drivers & Couriers Union

– £2,000 to the Nottingham couriers branch of the IWGB union

– £3,000 to the Nottingham and Notts Refugee Forum

– £3,000 to Himmah

– £3,000 to Harmless