Nottingham has been my home my whole life. This city, its people, its communities, have made me who I am today.

Before my election, I was a hate crime worker, and prior to that a care worker whilst I studied law at the University of Nottingham.

It was the Bedroom Tax that drove me to become active in politics – because I saw that austerity was ripping apart our communities and wreaking devastation on the lives of my neighbours, family, and friends.

In 2019, I was elected to Parliament aged 23, becoming the UK’s youngest MP. I pledged to take a worker’s wage – taking home £35,000 of my MP salary (the average UK household income) and donating the rest to local causes.

During the first wave of the Coronavirus pandemic I returned to work part-time as a care worker on the frontline.

In 2020 I was jointly awarded Pink News’ Politician of the Year.