Far Right in Nottingham

This weekend in Nottingham City Centre there are plans for the Far Right to meet and protest under the guise of “All Lives Matter” and “Justice for All”. Whilst these groups hide behind an idea of “equality” and “fairness”, their true motive is far from social justice or a more civilised society. Many of these groups planning to visit Nottingham this weekend, have their roots within Far Right and White Supremist Organisations, and often visit towns and cities across the UK to stir up hatred and cause division.

Here in Nottingham we have a strong history of standing up for what is right and not allowing others to create a sense of fear and hatred among our diverse and peaceful communities, and that will be no different this weekend. I am pleased to see that the local Trade Union Council will also be present at the square in an attempt to “silence the hate” and ensure that people in our city centre feel safe, welcomed and aren’t intimidated by these Far Right “protesters”. Although I cannot attend in person, I send my solidarity to each and every one of the counter demonstrators and I hope that everyone attending is able to stay safe and adhere to social distancing guidelines.