New analysis shows women have shouldered 92% of net savings to the Treasury from Tory tax and benefit changes since 2010

On International Women’s Day, new analysis by the House of Commons Library, commissioned by Nadia Whittome MP, shows that 92% of net savings to the Treasury through welfare, state pensions and direct taxation since 2010 have come from women, versus 8% from men. 

This figure includes measures announced in Wednesday’s Budget and is a significant increase on previous years when similar analysis has been undertaken. 

Despite a number of large “giveaways” throughout the Coronavirus pandemic, such as uplifts to welfare benefits, the net savings generated from women since 2010 stood at £100.5 billion compared to £8.2 billion from men.

Nadia Whittome, MP for Nottingham East, said

“Women have overwhelmingly paid the price for a decade of austerity, with money taken directly from their pockets. Measures announced in Wednesday’s Budget failed to rectify this deeply unfair burden and may have actually made things worse.

“We need a government that takes gender economic inequality seriously and is not oblivious to the impact its policies have on different groups.

“The Chancellor must now urgently publish the government’s equalities impact analysis of the Budget and explain what steps will be taken to rectify the massive disproportionate impact of government policy on the lives of women.”